3 Summer Challenges for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers always expect the summer to bring many new challenges. When many college graduates start applying for jobs, it is often during the early summer months right after graduation. People also tend to move during the summer months because their kids are out of school at this time.

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For a hiring manager, this means an influx in resumes and 3 very difficult challenges.

  1. Where are the Skilled Candidates?

College graduates may meet the educational requirements for a job, but they don’t meet the experience level required. Those that have a lot of experience and the proper educational requirements will be snatched up quickly by competitors.

Potential candidates are always vied by the competition.

When a skilled candidate does come knocking, you need to be able to set your company apart from the competition.

  • What makes your company different?
  • What are the perks of working for the company?

Even if the perk is a higher pay, you want to highlight this during an interview.

  1. Employee Turnover is Higher

Those skilled employees that you already have working for you may be thinking about leaving their position. Why? Annual performance reviews go out in June and July, and employees may feel they’ve been mistreated if they aren’t given:

  • Raises
  • Promotions
  • Bonuses

These employees may or may not have a justification for how they feel, but if they’re a valuable asset to the company, they definitely have a strong case for leaving. Top performers expect promotions and a raise.

If employee retention is a problem, it’s time to start offering the raises and compensation other businesses provide.

  1. Vacation Leads to Smaller Staff Levels

Fun in the sun leads to balancing a smaller staff and better managing of existing workloads. When staff levels are lower, it means all of your other employees need to be more productive. As a hiring manager, this is one of the worst times when you can go on vacation.

The office is too hectic already.

Knowing what tasks will need to be accomplished while the employee is away is essential to properly managing staff levels at this time. Once all of the tasks are written down, it’s time to delegate these tasks to other employees as best as possible.

It’s important not to overwhelm the other staff with too many tasks.

Temporary employees may be the answer during this time of year. Instead of overwhelming the staff, adding a new friendly faces to help when someone else is on vacation is a smart idea. Remember, these are just temporary workers, but they will be vital as demand doesn’t slow down just because someone goes on summer vacation.

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