4 Group Activities to Break Up Monotony!

Team Building Ideas | Staffing Agency in Greeley, COYour company’s workplace environment can become a humdrum existence for your employees, if your employees are not engaged with the company or their coworkers. Productivity and the quality of work will suffer in a boring work environment. In fact, you may actually lose valued employees if they feel unmotivated or unconnected at work.

At Employment Solutions in Greeley, we can connect your company with suitable candidates with which to fill your available positions and provide you with insight on how to retain your labor force. One way is to create an engaging workplace by playing team-building games with all of the employees involved, including management.

Break up your monotony with these 4 group activities that will lift spirits, increase worker satisfaction and benefit your company’s bottom-line.

  1. Egg Experiment

Separate your employees into teams and bring together coworkers who do not typically work side-by-side. Ask them to create a solution to the problem of how to drop an egg off from a predetermined height without breaking the egg. Provide enough eggs so multiple ideas can be tested and allow them to use various materials, but ask that they do not use a simple box.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Leave clues at each person’s work station and throughout the workplace before sending them out of the building on the hunt. Creating a fun in-office memory on which your employees can reflect will add an air of positivity to the environment.  

  1. Positive Thoughts in a Jar

Give a jar to each employee and ask that they fill the jar with little strips of paper that have positive phrases written on them. Ask that they write words they think would make them feel motivated, happy and even give them a chuckle. Then, collect the jars and allow each person to randomly pick a jar.

  1. Community Service Project

Bring your employees together to do something good for a local non-profit by performing community service work versus simply donating items.

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