4 Social Media Activities to Avoid While Job Hunting

job hunting help and tips | Employment Solutions Staffing Agency | ColoradoThe online world has opened the door to employers researching prospective employees in a way never before possible – through social media accounts. An employer has the ability to peek into your life to learn more about who you are as a person and less as an employee. Today, employers want to be certain they are hiring upstanding individuals with a verifiable character to ensure that the company name and brand will not be tarnished by a sole employee with an offensive online persona.

The Employment Solutions’ team has provided solid, proven tips to hundreds of job seekers that guide them on how to behave online to prevent damaging their chances of being hired and stay employed. Here are 4 social media activities to avoid while job hunting and to continue after you gain your position:

  1. Update your profile photo. Be certain your profile photo is appropriate and inoffensive, which means avoid any risqué poses that may be misconstrued as an example of your character.
  2. Be careful what you post, share and like. While some images may be funny to you, it may not necessarily be a good idea to share your interest in that particular brand of humor. Also, avoid posting photos of your night out and adjust your settings so you are notified if someone tags you in a post to control what appears on your social media account.
  3. Adjust your privacy settings and check what can be seen by the general public. While you cannot be certain that everything will be hidden from the public eye, it is still a good idea to set your privacy settings to the highest level to keep your personal life private.
  4. Avoid hot topics, such as politics and religion. It has always been good advice to avoid talking about or debating politics or religion with employers and friends, which means you should also eliminate it from your timelines, profiles and posts.

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