4 Things to Know about Hiring & Retaining Generation Z

Just as you’re getting accustomed to Generation Y, Generation Z is going to emerge in the field. Regarded as the second wave of millennials, the generation will account for 20% of the workforce by 2020.

How will Generation Z affect the workforce?

This generation has different wants and desires that will make the hiring and the retention process more difficult. Employment Solutions staffing agency already knows some traits you can expect to see from Gen Z so we put together 4 Things to Know about Hiring & Retaining Generation Z: 

  1. Money is a Priority

Money is always a priority for job seekers, but Generation Z has high debts, expenses and student loans to pay off. Financially, this generation will demand a competitive salary and benefits package with less regard for the work-life balance as seen with Generation Y.

  1. Generation Z Likes Face-to-Face Interaction

While the generation is glued to their tablets and cellphones, a surprising survey indicated that these individuals prefer face-to-face interaction in the workplace. Traditional forms of communication, such as email and text, are less preferred than face-to-face interaction.

Genuine relationships with managers and employees are also ideal.

This generation wants to have a relationship that goes beyond the quick email and text message. It will be a change for many hiring managers and supervisors that will be more of a part of the team than a person that sends out a long group email.

  1. Retention Relies on Feedback

Generation Z can handle difficult projects on their own, but they also require feedback to feel confident that the project will be successful. Touching base often will become the norm to provide feedback on their progress and move these employees along.

This generation also likes input from others, so they will often share other people’s thoughts about the project with you.

Local temp agencies in Fort Collins are already gearing up for retention issues and working on methods to keep both Gen Y and Gen Z workers satisfied.

  1. Gen Z Wants to Progress Quickly

Retaining someone from Gen Z will be a challenge for many hiring managers. This generation wants to know what will be expected from them in three months and three years from now. Jobs have transitioned into learning experiences, and if they’re not challenged, they will look for employment elsewhere.

Highly creative, this generation will embrace technology and will start making contributions to the team the first day they’re hired.

Following best practices will be a constant reminder for this new group in the workforce, but they are very entrepreneurial and love to solve new problems and welcome challenges. 

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