4 Tips to Improve Non Verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication Tips | Staffing Agency in Denver, COYour nonverbal communication in the workplace has a direct reflection on you. Sending the right signals is a must in today’s competitive job market, and the wrong signals can have an impact on your career proposals.

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If you’re like most employees, you want to get the competitive edge in your workplace. And it’s as easy as following these four tips.

  1. Mannerisms and Movements

Nonverbal cues can be broken down into movements and mannerisms. Be cautious of the following:

  • Eye Contact: Keep eye contact when you want to show engagement. Eye contact is one of the most important nonverbal cues you can make.
  • Posture: If you slouch and keep your head down, it shows a lack of self-confidence. Keep your back straight and your chin lifted.

These are the two most important nonverbal cues that you’ll make. You’ll also need to be mindful and watch your manners during meetings or high stress situations. Don’t make these mistakes:

  • Fiddling with jewelry, phones or checking your watch.
  • Interrupt the person that is holding the meeting, or do anything disrespectful.

Everyone has a nervous gesture. Figure out what your nervous gesture is, and take steps to change it. Your hands are one of the biggest culprits. When standing, keep your hands at your side and when sitting, rest your hands on the table.

2. Pay attention to Your Tone

The way that you speak is a direct representation of your communication in the workplace. Everything needs to be considered, including:

  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Inflection

Working with a voice coach or practicing privately can help you dramatically with your speech. Oftentimes, your speech can be an indicator of you being nervous or unsure.

3. Appearance Matters

Personal appearance is a major part of your nonverbal communication. If you dress neatly with clean, pressed attire, this means that you take your job seriously. Always take pride in the attire you wear, and wear attire, no matter if your job has a casual or formal wear requirement, that shouts professionalism.

And a smile on your face will go a long way to complete your look.

4. Pay Attention to Other People’s Body Language

The easiest way to perfect your nonverbal communication is by being attuned to others. Learn how to read their body language and nonverbal communications in the workplace. Be an active listener, and pay attention to the speaker.

If you’re the one doing the talking, pay attention to the listeners’ expressions and mannerisms so that you can choose your next words wisely.

With a little time and focus, you can begin to master nonverbal communication in the workplace. For some people, this is a natural occurrence and comes with ease. But giving a little extra time and attention to nonverbal communication skills will be beneficial to your career opportunities.

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