4 Ways to Recover after Being Laid Off

Temp Agency | What To Do After Being Laid OFF | Employment Solutions Staffing AgencyCompanies of various industries undergo times when downsizing is necessary as a precondition to remaining in operation. The employees who are laid off are given very little to a moderate amount of notice to make alternative arrangements for employment. The Employment Solutions’ team works hard as a temp agency in assisting laid off employees in securing immediate employment to decrease the impact of a loss of income. If you have been laid off or have been informed that a lay off is impending, here are 4 ways to recover after being laid off:

  1. Contact a temp agency to find another position. Temp agencies, like Employment Solutions, have a vast database of currently available positions, which employ company-employee matching tools that decrease the amount of time it takes to find another job.
  2. Refresh your resume. It may be years since you last worked on your resume, so it is time to spruce it up, add in all those valuable skills you have earned and contact your references in case you need to find new ones. If you choose to work with Employment Solutions, one of our employment specialists will assist you with the creation of your application materials to ensure your resume is up to today’s standards and provide you with tips on how to ask for a reference.
  3. Invest in certifications or continuing education as your schedule allows. This may be an ideal time to improve your value as an employee by earning certifications or completing continuing education courses that will advance your career.
  4. Prepare for the interview process. Be certain you have the proper clothing to wear to interviews. Also, practice the answers to common questions you will likely be asked during your interview about your background, skills, work ethic and prior job experience.

Contact a Colorado Temp Agency

Being laid off can be a discouraging experience, but it might lead to you finding a new job you’ll love with a more dependable employer. At Employment Solutions, the experts of our temp agency can help you navigate the job market and secure a new position. Contact one of our employment specialists today by calling 877-880-4473 to start on the road to finding a quality employer that values your skillset.