5 Overlooked Hiring Strategies That You Should Be Using

Finding the talent you need when you need it is almost always a frustrating endeavor. It’s hard to find good talent and each hire is a gamble of thousands of dollars hoping that they live up to even some of your desires from the hiring process. But there are several practices you can enact that will prove helpful when it comes to staffing your company.


ABR (Always Be Recruiting)

While most companies generally think of hiring as a regular “mode” that they enact when they have an immediate need, in order for your company to be successful overall you should almost always be in that recruiting mode. That doesn’t mean that you need to always be on a hiring spree, but that you should always be investing at least a portion of your time and attention to be building a network of future potential hires.


When it comes to growth, talent is generally the most difficult ingredient to secure over the long term. When you build that strong network of prospective employees, you’re setting your company and yourself up for a much easier time filling both specialized and general positions.


Count On Our Veterans

At any given point these days there are around a half a million unemployed veterans that are looking for gainful employment. You can register as a military-friendly employer at the virtual hiring fair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, which runs the Hiring Our Heroes program, a nationwide initiative to assist veterans and military spouses with finding employment opportunities. They hold hiring fairs across the United States.


Don’t Discount Our Seniors

There are many organizations that’ll help you find mature employment seekers. One option is the National Older Worker Career Center, a nonprofit organization that connects seniors with companies considering hiring experienced talent.


Hiring seniors can provide an array of benefits:

  • Oftentimes they have hands-on experience and skills gained from being in the industry for extended periods.
  • Many will have a professional and mature attitude.
  • Sometimes seniors can act as mentors and role models for younger employees.


Enable the Disabled

One of your best untapped hiring strategies is turning to the skilled disabled workers. These days there are over a million physically challenged people actively seeking employment. Your company can benefit by looking to hire qualified candidates among the disabled population and a huge possible side-benefit is that disabled employees can provide insight on how to better serve customers with disabilities.


There are multiple non-profit organizations where you can source disabled applicants seeking employment. The United States Department of Labor provides a list of resources for recruiting qualified disabled candidates. There is also a LinkedIn group for professionals with disabilities. Your company may be missing out on potentially great employees if you’re not taking advantage of this strategy.


Help the Homeless

Once again, there are multiple non-profit organizations that will help connect you with valuable talent. The Coalition for the Homeless runs The Job Training program and the Thrive Program, both of which help the homeless get employed. Looking to hire those unfortunate enough to be experiencing homelessness is not only going to provide them a possible step up, but it can also give you access to a fairly untapped resource of talent.


A Strategy You Can Always Depend On

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