5 Tips for Standing Out as a Job Seeker

Standing out as a job seeker is one of the easiest ways to get hired. While job forecasts show a recovering economy, this means that you’ll be up against applicants with more experience in some cases. Overcoming your faults and standing out is simple if you follow these 5 tips from the team at Employment Solutions:

1. Go Social

You need to connect with recruiters every chance you get. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure that you’re on LinkedIn and Twitter. Recruiters spend countless hours per week trying to find candidates for job openings on LinkedIn. How can you stand out?

  • Connect with recruiters.
  • Join industry-relevant groups.
  • Ask others for recommendations to put on your page.

Social media is becoming more essential to job seekers. You’ll not only want to be on all of these sites, but you’ll want to ensure any unprofessional posts are deleted and that your profiles are professional.

2. Sharpen Your Skills

A great idea if you’ve been unemployed. You can sharpen or upgrade your skills so that you become a more attractive candidate for a job. A few good examples are:

  • Take online courses.
  • Attend conferences.
  • Take certification courses.

Being able to work with the latest technology or sharpening your industry-related skills will allow you to land a job faster and become a key candidate.

3. Do Your Homework

Employers want people who are interested in their business. If you’ve landed an interview, you can boost your chances of being hired by researching the company you’re applying with. This can be done by:

  • Reading news about the company.
  • Following the company’s social media feeds.
  • Reviewing the company’s reputation online.
  • Asking friends in the company about the organization.

When you do land an interview, you can use this research to formulate specific ways you can contribute to the company. If you know more about the company than most applicants and really show interest, you’ll boost your chances of employment greatly.

4. Leverage Your Network

Social media is a good foundation for your network. Friends that may work in the industry are also part of your essential network that will help you become a frontrunner for a job. The goal is to reach out to your network and see how they are doing in the field. Ask them if their company is hiring, and if so, ask your network to recommend you for the job.

There is no better to stand out than being referred. Recruiters love when a qualified employee is recommended to them.

5. Learn Another Language

Job seekers that know more than one language have opportunities that others could only dream of having. In the United States, if you know Spanish, you’ll boost your resume greatly. Employers want employees who know other languages simply because it’s a major asset when dealing with customers or clients.

A second language also allows you to apply for additional jobs that may only be available to those that speak a specific language.

Sprucing up your resume and following the tips above will allow you to stand out among your peers when searching for a new job. Contact us today for more information and for expert assistance.