5 Warning Signs of a Bad Hiring Agency

Sometimes the best decision that you can make for you and your family is to turn to a temp-to-hire or contract hiring agency. While the unemployment rate fluctuates greatly month over month and year to year, the fact remains that competition is pretty fierce for every skilled position that becomes available in the Denver, CO area. Finding the right long-term job can be a lengthy process.


Using the right staffing and recruitment agency can bridge this gap and lead to the position and company that is perfect for you. However, there are several signs you should watch for that can indicate you may want to consider utilizing a different hiring agency. Not only can a wrong decision here cause you even more headaches, but it can also harm your reputation.


The #1 Sign of a Bad Temp Agency

If the agency has a fee for their services, you should turn around immediately. Hiring agencies are paid by the company requiring the staffing. No matter how good their offer sounds, you should never pay for services that are routinely the obligation of the company looking to utilize your specific skills.


Following closely behind the number one spot is the integrity of the agency. If at any point during the recruitment process you are informed, or even encouraged, to stretch the truth or even outright lie on your CV or in an interview, you’ll definitely want to seek an alternate agency to work with. Getting removed from a contract or denied a permanent position due to inaccuracies is not something that anyone can use on a resume; word-of-mouth could also considerably damage your professional reputation.


How Informed is Your Employment Consultant?

If the agency’s representative doesn’t seem to be particularly knowledgeable about a specific position or job sector, chances are they aren’t the right hiring agency for you. Recruitment is a high-pressure environment and competition is fierce in Denver. An under-informed recruiter can indicate that the agency has substandard training programs, looks to simply provide those “warm bodies,” or they may just plain have low standards when it comes to performance.


Whatever the case may be, if the hiring agency isn’t doing their best to match you with the position and company that suits your skills and requirements most, you’re not likely to have the best opportunity to find meaningful employment. If you’re not certain about their level of knowledge regarding the position, company, or your industry as a whole, add a few questions of your own to the initial agency interview. Try a few such as: How many employees have you placed with this company? How long have you had a working relationship with them? How is the pay comparable to the standard salary for this position? Are they looking for temp-to-hire or just short-term?


Pressure and/or Overconfidence

If your recruiting consultant appears to “push” you toward open positions that don’t seem to meet many of your career ambitions, they may be doing so simply to garner higher commissions for themselves. The hiring agency should be working for both you and the company looking to hire, looking to place you where you will be happy, prosper, and provide a strong, professional image of the agency.


Being overconfident to such a point that they go as far as guaranteeing that you’ll be hired is a sure sign that you should seek employment elsewhere. The only one that can make any hiring decision for the position is the company that is requesting the staffing. Don’t let hype and unscrupulous recruiting tactics sway you in your search for a professional hiring agency that you can count on.


You Need Employment Solutions

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