6 Buzzwords to Avoid on Your Resume

Temp to Hire Services in Denver CO | Employment SolutinosYour cover letter and resume will provide potential employers with the information they will use to construct their first impression of you. At Employment Solutions, our employment specialists successfully assist job seekers with their application materials to ensure a favorable response and sidestep the common mistakes of using words and phrases that hold little insight into a prospective employee’s character and work ethic. Whether you are looking for temp to hire positions or full-time Denver employment, Employment Solutions works hard to find the best fit for your strengths.

To prevent missing your opportunity to advance to the interview stage due to lackluster application materials, there are 6 buzzwords to avoid on your resume (and cover letter):

  1. Hard worker: Instead of simply writing that you are a hard worker, find other words that describe your skillset and provide examples of what you have done that have resulted in accomplishments.
  2. Team player: To work within an organization, an employee must be a team player, which is a phrase that almost every job seeker will write on their resume. Highlight projects you have worked on and how your role supported the roles of your team members.
  3. Experienced: In lieu of writing the word “experienced” to cover your general skillset, use a bulleted list or a paragraph that explains the equipment, skills and techniques you have acquired and in what capacity you effectively implemented what you learned.
  4. Reliable: Simply stating that you were a “reliable” employee at any one particular place of employment does not convey the quality of your work or the tasks that were assigned to you.
  5. Highly qualified: You can use the term “highly qualified” at the end of your cover letter if you have previously described what makes you well-fitted for this particular position by using examples and highlighted those same skills in your resume.
  6. Thinks outside box: An employer wants to understand how you have assisted in the creation of ideas and projects versus reading a cursory phrase that tells nothing of your capabilities.

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If you are beginning the process of finding a new position, the Employment Solutions team can assist you with creating your application materials, expertly matching you to suitable jobs, and advising you on how to prepare for a job interview. If you are seeking temporary employment to fill in the gap of being a seasonal laborer or to gain a long-term position, contact our expert staff today by calling (877) 880-4473 to learn how we can help you!