7 Ways you Can Make a Bad Work Day Better

how to make your work day better | Staffing agency in Greeley CONot every day is sunshine and rainbows. You may have had a restless night, or you may have overslept – it happens. Even the most eager person that loves their job will have a bad day and get a case of the Monday blues.

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When you’re having a bad day, there are a few things you can do to make it better:

  1. Drink tea. We’re not talking about by your desk in front of your mountain of unfinished work. Tea has been shown to lower stress, and make you more alert and energetic. Step outside and have a cup of tea, and your day will be instantly better.
  2. Stretch. You won’t be doing a full yoga routine, but you can stand up and stretch your legs to clear your mind. Stretching is a great stress reliever that is very beneficial when you can barely make it out of bed and are expected to work the day away.
  3. Listen to music. Music has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress. While you can’t just blast music and annoy other employees, you can, if allowed in your workplace, put on your headphones and listen to some tunes. The right music will help make your bad day just a little bit better.
  4. Declutter. The last thing anyone wants to do when they’re having a bad day is look down to see a cluttered desk. Take a few minutes to clean and organize your space.
  5. Write your problems down. Reflecting on why you’re having a bad day often ends in a laugh and a smile. Writing your problems down and reflecting on them may be all you need to turn the day around.
  6. Call a friend. If you can’t forget why you were having a bad day, you will get over it much faster. Calling a friend or family member to chat for a few minutes during your break will allow you to get your mind off the bad things that happened today.
  7. Focus. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is focus and get through the day. If a certain project is your cause for a bad day, switch your focus to something else. Otherwise, put your head down and work as diligently as possible.

These are just 7 of the many ways you can get over your bad day and make it a success.

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