Asking for a Job Reference–The Right Way

Staffing Agency | Employment Solutions | ColoardoNearly every employer will require reference and use that information as a key factor in the decision process of whether to hire you. Due the significant level of importance that’s placed on the references, you must choose these individuals wisely. Avoid using friends and family as references. If you must include a coworker or a fellow student, limit it to one entry. Above all, strive to fill your reference list with past supervisors. After you carefully determine who to include in your reference list, it’s pivotal that you ensure you’re asking for a job reference the right way.

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Contact the Reference

Either through a phone call or email, respectfully request for the person’s approval to be listed as a reference. As you explain why you would like to include this person as a reference, speak clearly about the type of job you hope to gain. If the position is above your qualifications, express why you feel you are ready for the challenge at this point in your career. If the person declines to be a reference, make a point to convey your thanks for his/her time.

Above all, do not allow your potential reference’s first point of contact to be the employer with whom you are hoping to gain a position. You must first contact the reference to verify that person is willing to be a reference or the outcome can be disastrous to your chances for hire.

Update Your Reference on Your Background

It‘s helpful for your reference to be updated about every position you have held in your industry and all education or certifications you have earned. Even if you recently worked under this individual, it’s prudent to send over a current resume to refresh your reference’s memory on the complete body of your achievements and work history.

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