Best Recruiting Tools of 2017

We all know it can be difficult to find the perfect candidate for the job. You can spend endless hours searching through unsuitable resumes or interviewing people that just aren’t what you are looking for, without having any luck.


But, there are plenty of recruiting tools you can use to hire the next employees for your company that will solve all of your hiring problems. Read on to find out the best recruiting tools of 2017 and what benefits they can bring to your recruiting process!


Resume Screening Software

While you are glad so many people have taken an interest in the position and working for your company, you aren’t so happy about the number of resumes you are going to have to look through! Choosing the best candidate resumes is always the most time-consuming part of hiring and this is even before you tackle the interview stage.


That is why lots of businesses are now using resume screening software to take the labor out of the hiring process. With the help of this advanced software, you can get rid of the unqualified candidates and choose people that have the education and experience you are looking for. This way you can have a shortlist of candidates for interviewing in no time!


Video Interview Applications


Maybe you’ve decided you are done with resumes altogether! Companies are increasingly turning to alternative recruitment techniques to find the right candidate and video interviewing software is in the front-running. This allows potential candidates to present and showcase their abilities to you. You can even assign them tasks, such as a presentation to test their knowledge and skills. This way you can see their personality before the interview stage and assess whether they will be a good fit for the company. After all, sometimes a piece of paper doesn’t tell the whole story! This will save you time sifting through resumes and eliminate candidates that won’t suit your company culture.


Reference Checking Software


You know what it’s like when you’re checking a candidate’s references; you never really get the true story. But, with reference checking software, you can forget chasing down people by phone and collect information about candidates quickly and easily. Now you don’t have to waste any more time and you can find the perfect candidate before you know it!


Recruiting Agency Denver


There’s one way you are sure to choose the best candidate for the job and that is through a recruiting agency in Denver. Choosing professional and experienced experts to shortlist candidates for you will save you precious time you don’t have to spare in business.


A recruiting agency in Denver will also save you money on recruiting tools, as they already have everything they need at their fingertips! They will be able to look through resumes, screen candidates face to face and provide you with people who have great potential for your company. You can tell them exactly what kind of employees you are looking for and they will find them in no time!