When Is The Best Time To Find A Job?

Are you stuck in a job you don’t enjoy or are you looking for a fresh career challenge in a different industry? With such a competitive job market, it can be hard to find a job in Denver and it’s important to use every strategy you can to get ahead. Certain times of the year are more popular for vacancies than others, which means you have a better chance of finding an exciting opportunity that suits your skills and experience. Read on to find out when the best time of the year is to find a new job.

New Year, New Job

With a New Year beginning, many businesses and companies use January and February to set new targets for the next 12 months, which makes a new budget and the reshuffling of staff is very common. Data shows that job advertisements are much higher above the yearly average towards the middle of January and early February, which means you can take advantage of this surge of opportunity, especially when many other candidates are still suffering from the January blues. While no one knows for sure what the year has in store for us all, January and February promises to be fruitful months for job hunters.

Spring into Action

The months of March, April and May present a good time to find a job in Denver, with plenty of opportunities opening up as companies continue their momentum from the New Year. If you are looking for summer vacation schemes or graduate jobs after college, this is when you can expect to see many of them advertised. If you see a job you like, jump at the opportunity, as new openings will peak at the end of May and will not return until Fall.

Sun, Sea and a Slow Day at the Office

Although the sun shines all summer long, the same cannot be said for new opportunities in the job market. Whether it’s because the bosses are away on vacation or are preparing the budget for the final half of the year, unless you are after short-term seasonal work, your chances of finding an exciting full-time position are at its lowest. If you are in a comfortable job, it’s best to hold on for a few more months, prepare your resume or take a new skills course to prepare for Fall.

Be Thankful this Fall

After the summer hiatus, job opportunities pick up again in Fall and this is great time to start applying for those new positions you have been waiting for. Company bosses are back from vacation and ready to interview more candidates that will help to sustain business for the duration of the year. In particular, many new starters from January will have dropped off like the leaves on the trees; so now is your opportunity to join the workforce.

Winter Hibernation

Unless you are searching for a seasonal job, November and December are the worst months of the year for job opportunities. For many companies, the holiday season also marks the end of the year’s budget and this will now put interviewing new employees way down on the priority list. But, just because this is the slow hiring months of the year doesn’t mean you give up. Keep your eye on any opportunities that might present themself, as well as using events to network and carefully preparing your resume and interview skills for next year. This means you will be ready for the January New Year surge in the job market.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a job in Denver. While there are better months than others to search for career opportunities, figure out the time that is right for you. This is when you are more likely to find your dream job.