How to Break the Bad News: You Didn’t Get the Job

After conducting numerous interviews and completing the slow process of narrowing down your potential employee pool, you have finally decided which employee to hire. However, after you verify that your chosen employee will accept the position, you are then faced with an equally unpleasant undertaking, which is to inform the other applicants that they did not get the job. As uncomfortable as this task might be, it’s important not shirk this responsibility.

Here are 4 indispensable tips on how to break the bad news:

  1. Make it a point to communicate your decision to the applicant. While it is easier to simply not return the calls or emails of candidates, you may regret that decision later. Your chosen employee may not stay onboard or meet the tasks of the position, which will force you to find a replacement. If you directly communicate with the runner-ups about your decision, you can open up the previous potential employee list to avoid having to start from scratch.
  2. Speak openly and kindly about why you decided against hiring the candidate. Providing valuable information about how the candidate can improve his/her resume will be welcomed advice.
  3. When applicable and available, suggest alternate positions within the company for which he/she might be better suited. It’s considered good business practice to utilize your applicant files for any positions that are currently open and will become available in the near future.
  4. Offer well wishes for the candidate’s future. Politeness, when delivered with sincerity, can ease the pangs of losing a highly sought-after position, as well as end the conversation on a good note.

Denver Staffing Agency

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