Can Employment Agencies Get Me a Job That I Love?

These days the job market is fiercely competitive and landing the right job can be difficult and frustrating. While the unemployment rate is fairly low for many fields, the fact remains that there are thousands of people in and around Denver that are unemployed and looking for employment.

Even though employment agencies can be fantastic assets for the unemployed, many forego this option based on outdated – or outright incorrect –  information about the industry. Keep reading to break the myths and find out how employment agencies can help you find the perfect job.


Busting the Myths

There are plenty of misconceptions about staffing agencies and the companies that use them, so let’s start by clearing some of those up.


  1. They Only Offer Temporary Employment – Permanent employment remains a top priority for most staffing employees. Over the course of a year, America’s staffing companies hire well over 10 million temporary and contract employees, with over 75% of them working full time. This is close to the national workforce numbers of around 80% full-time employees.


  1. They Charge Their Employees To Find Them Work – The potential employers are the ones that compensate the staffing agency that hires the employee. Hiring via a staffing agency saves the employer time, resources, and hassles and they pay the staffing agency to find and recruit the best talent for their temporary and permanent employment positions. Services for job seekers are 100% free for you! Staffing and recruiting companies get paid when you do.


  1. They Don’t Help With Training or Care About Job Satisfaction – Your success keeps the agency in business. Therefore, staffing agencies work diligently to help employees develop the skills and certifications needed for the position. Additionally, they will review your resume and provide positive career coaching.


  1. They Only Find Entry-Level Admin or Manual Labor Jobs – Staffing agencies find jobs for people in nearly every industry. More firms are using staffing agencies to fill specialized positions these days as they are known for placing professional, managerial, and even technical candidates. Employment Solutions now has a growing number of  job openings for IT and high-level engineering roles.


  1. They Don’t Have Opportunities With Substantial Income – A staffing agency will provide you with the negotiating power of a team of professionals. They understand the industries they work with, are pros at negotiating a salary or rate of pay that you need and deserve, and know how to market your abilities and skills in compelling ways.


  1. Using More Than One Staffing Agency Increases Your Odds of Being Hired – Utilizing more than one agency can actually hurt your chances of getting hired. If the same prospective employer receives multiple copies of your resume from multiple staffing agencies, your resume may be discarded simply due to the excessive persistence. Additionally, creating a strong relationship with a single staffing agency increases your odds of finding employment because the agency has the history with you and completely understands your abilities and goals.


The Best Employment Solution in Denver

Whether you’re looking for viable employment or you’re a company in need of top-notch talent, Employment Solutions is your solution. A partnership with us ensures that your goals are understood and become our goals too. Simply put, our mission is to find the right match every time.


We are a locally-grown, family business. We understand the challenges of finding and keeping the right job in this economy and we match the best employers in the area with the best employees. At Employment Solutions, we strive to understand the unique needs of each of our employees to establish consistency, communication, and long term relationships. So stop searching for jobs and sending resumes, and let us do the hard work so you can start earning faster at a job you love.