Candidate Skill Testing – What the Scores Really Mean

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To ensure you get the best people, staffing agencies employ a number of candidate skill testing means. Typically, job applicants must successfully  complete telephone screens, interviews, reference checks, and one or more skill tests.

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Skill testing provides an objective measure of a candidate’s ability to perform.   Companies such as QWIZ, Know It All, and Presenting Solutions, provide batteries  of Internet- or workstation- delivered tests to evaluate a worker’s competency in a  variety of areas. Available tests include application software proficiency, general clerical skills, and programming and technical expertise.   Some staffing companies also employ other job-related skills tests. For example, industrial staffing firms may test dexterity and other labor- related skills. Professional   services firms may test   industry specific knowledge such as medical or legal terminology. And when appropriate, staffing companies may create specific tests that simulate a client’s work environment. Testing helps take the guesswork out of hiring. Knowing a candidate’s scores, and  what those scores mean,   makes it much easier to spot the right candidates. Many Tests, Many Benefits   Skills testing, when properly   done, offers an array of   benefits for employers

Testing reduces risk.

Test scores offer an accurate, unbiased indicator of a person’s ability to do the job. They ensure candidates are qualified. They can also help predict performance traits such as speed and accuracy.

It saves training time.

If you know an employee’s test scores, you won’t have to spend time assessing that person’s competency and then “bring them up to speed.” You can be assured that the people you hire arrive ready to get to work.

It reduces turnover.

Once you determine the skill levels a job requires, you’ll be less likely to under-hire (and be dissatisfied with an employee’s performance) or over-hire (and end up with an employee who becomes dissatisfied with the work).

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