Is Your Staffing Provider ACA-Compliant?

Use this ACA checklist to find out if your staffing agency / provider is compliant with the affordable care act.

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10 Strategies for Controlling Costs With Staffing

As you know, one of a hiring manager’s top priorities is managing the bottom line. And one of the best ways to do that is by controlling costs. When used strategically, staffing can control costs, which allows a hiring manager to maximize profitability. This article illustrates how strategic staffing can help eliminate overtime cost, limit […]

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Tips for Giving Feedback Without Causing Defensiveness

Giving feedback is difficult, especially negative feedback. I never know what words to say. So, I end up sugar coating it or avoiding it altogether. Sound familiar? If you struggle with the words to say and who doesn’t, this article contains some handy templates you can use: Tips for Giving Employee Feedback without Causing

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