How Do I Decide Which Job Offer to Take?

Being offered two or more jobs simultaneously presents you with a difficult choice to make. While it’s gratifying to be a highly sought-after employee, you may also feel apprehensive with making your final job choice. However, deciding which job offer to take can be successfully tackled by incorporating these 3 tips into your decision-making process:

  1. Employment Agency | Employment SolutionsConsider how your life might be impacted by each specific job. Take into consideration how your job will affect the following: long-term financial stability; commute; work schedule requirements, including any mandatory overtime and/or travel; benefits; paid leave; and expected personal investment in any certifications, training, tools and equipment. By completing this mental checklist, you may quickly zero in on the job that best fits with your life and financial standing.
  2. Inquire as to whether you can achieve your long-term career goals with this employer. Upon your job offer, you may be offered a reasonable starting pay that will be increased after your probationary period ends. However, if the prospective employer does not clarify whether raises are awarded at regular intervals, you must ask. In most cases, an employer will be candid with you about the salary range for your position and the likelihood of future promotions, if you pose these questions during the interview stage or prior to being hired.
  3. Get to know the people and the environment in which you would be working. Arrange a time when you learn about the position from the employees with whom you would work. If your potential coworkers share sullen faces, chances are it isn’t a great place to work. If the place of business is disorganized, you can safely assume that your work day would also be chaotic.

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Regardless of the job offer you ultimately choose, act in a courteous and professional manner when you reject the other job offers in the event you need to reapply in the future. If you are still perplexed with which job offer to take, contact the Denver staffing agency specialists of Employment Solutions today, so we can steer you towards the job that’s best for you.