Do Job Boards Really Have Good Jobs?

Many job-seekers these days are left with dwindling options when it comes to finding positions in their desired fields. Gone are the days of picking up the Sunday newspaper to see page after page of local openings separated by categories and often including large ads from a variety of employers. Job fairs can be great when they’re available but they too appear to be getting fewer and farther between. So what options do the unemployed have left?

Find a Job Today!

Even though info-farming bots and a few bad apples have left many with a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to job boards for Denver, there are indeed many fantastic local job opportunities posted throughout the year. If you know where to look.


While there are a few well advertised job boards available, most of them are not specific to certain areas or the jobs are just ridiculous in one way or another. At Employment Solutions we strive to bring you the best local job openings from employers actually looking for someone with your skill set.


Quick Tips for Job Board Users


Here are some great suggestions on how to maximize your online applications.


  1. Take your time and completely read the job description.
  2. Craft a cover letter specific to the position and your related skills.
  3. Tailor your resume with keywords used within the ad.
  4. Ensure that your email, cover letter, and resume are error free.
  5. Fill out all fields of the online application.
  6. Update and ‘clean up’ your social media profiles.
  7. Read and re-read all of your info before submitting.


Tips for Employers


If you’re planning on posting a job opening with us, keep these tips in mind in order to have your ad stand out on job boards.

  1. Concise Job Titles – Select a title that will be easily understood by your targeted job seekers. Spell out any acronyms in order to improve your search-ability on the site (e.g. Senior Quality Assurance Manager rather than Sr. QA Mgr.)
  2. Make it Pretty – Use bullet points, boldface, italics, numbering, and paragraph breaks to make it easier to read. Add your company logo to make your job description look visually appealing and professional.
  3. Keep it Simple – Clearly list the top requirements for the position and list out the top 5 – 7 duties, preferably in a bullet point or numbered format. Add a 1 – 2 sentence description of each point, but save the detailed description of the job duties for the actual interview.
  4. Be Clear – Full or part-time? Freelance or employee? Contract-to-hire or contract? Including this information at the top of your ad will help make the posting stand out. Also, be clear about the location of the job. Put the exact city and state and if it’s a remote/work at home position, state clearly where candidates can work remotely from (e.g. the U.S., only specific states, anywhere in the world, etc.).
  5. Sell Yourself – Why should the job seeker work for you? Include a brief summary for your company and, if you’re willing, add the salary or salary range as well as any benefits the job includes — noting fun benefits like paid lunches or bring-your-dog-to-work Fridays are great eye-catchers.
  6. Tell Them How to Contact You – If you don’t want any phone calls on the position, be sure to state that. Make sure you have the desired contact information or a link for interested candidates to easily apply. Without your company name, URL, and contact info, you can be sure candidates will blow off your ad as a scam.