The Dos and Don’ts of Job Hunting While Employed

Job Search Help | Employment Solutions | Colorado Perhaps, you feel it’s time to move on to a new company in order to achieve your career goals or you’re unhappy with your workplace environment. Regardless of the reason, searching for a new job while employed can be a tricky matter if you do not proceed with caution. At Employment Solutions, we understand the desire to improve your career standing, so we have created a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” that will assist you with your job hunting while employed.

  • Do schedule your interviews around your work schedule or during your lunch break to respect your current employer.
  • Don’t call in sick to work to attend an interview.
  • Do continue to perform your best while at your current job as any decrease in productivity can negatively affect the company and the morale of your coworkers.
  • Don’t start showing up late for work or leaving assignments incomplete simply because you are seeking employment elsewhere.
  • Do ensure your aspiration to find an alternative position remains a secret in order to protect your current standing at work.
  • Don’t tell your coworkers you are planning on leaving before you have secured another position or you risk being terminated.
  • Do prepare to explain your reasons for searching outside the company for employment opportunities. If your current employer discovers your actions, you must be ready to have a candid discussion with your supervisor, which may result in improving your current job.
  • Don’t lie to your current employer if you are caught job hunting or you will tarnish your reputation.
  • Do choose references outside of your workplace that can attest to your performance.
  • Don’t give permission for anyone to call your current employer or use your current employer as a reference, unless they are aware of your intention to leave.

Job Searching Help in Colorado

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