Employment Solutions + Medcor

We are always looking for ways to add value to our services, and at the end of last year we implemented a new medical triage service that helps our employees and clients alike.

While the best practice is always thorough employee training on the jobsite, everyone knows that accidents happen; Medcor serves as an official avenue for Employment Solutions workers to get medical assistance for non-emergency injuries on the job. If an accident happens and it’s not life-threatening (always call 911 in those instances!), our associates need only call the Medcor line at 1-844-871-8630. One of their highly trained nurses will answer and assist the employee on the spot, quickly determining what care is required.

Spend less time worrying if something’s wrong; Medcor means you can skip an expensive trip to the emergency room and have peace-of-mind faster!

For clients: click or tap the link below to download the Employment Solutions + Medcor flyer and display it by the phone closest to your work site.

Workplace Injury Flyer