How Do I Prevent Computer Eye Strain?

Computer Eye Strain | Staffing Agency | Colorado | Employment SoultionsWhen you work on a computer all day, you’ll notice that you experience eye strain. While this is not often apparent, a few signs of eye strain are: headaches, fatigue or blurred vision. It happens to everyone, but as a worker, it’s your job to overcome this eye strain anyway that you can.

Breaks Are Essential

Constant staring at the computer is the main reason for eye strain. The best thing you can do is take breaks every 20 minutes. You don’t need to get up out of your desk – what employer would allow you to – but you do need to look away from the screen.

Generally, it’s recommended to:

  •      Focus on an object 20 feet away
  •      Remain focused for 20 seconds or more

That’s it! This will alleviate eye strain.

These mini-breaks are very beneficial to your eye health and should be taken alongside regular, longer breaks. If you’re the type of person that stays at your computer even during lunch, it’s time to get up and stretch your legs while giving your eyes a break in the process.

Prepare Your Workstation

Do you have an eye-friendly workstation? Chances are, there are small changes you can make that will make your workstation more eye-friendly. The following are a few tips that will help:

  •      Sit with your eyes 20 – 30 inches away from the screen.
  •      Adjust your chair height so the screen is a little below eye level.
  •      Lower lighting to reduce glares.
  •      Adjust computer brightness to a comfortable level.

Prepping your workstation will leave your eyes less strained.

Pay Attention to Eye Habits

One big problem when staring at the computer is that people often forget to blink. This leads to dry eyes and further causes the eye strain you’re trying to avoid. How do you deal with this? Blink, blink and blink some more. You’ll need to routinely pay attention to the way that you blink and ensure that you’re blinking often.

This will allow your eyes to moisten so that strain is lessened.

Computer eye strain is a serious issue. If you notice yourself squinting or haven’t been to the eye doctor this year, it’s also recommended that you go and schedule an eye doctor appointment. This will be a big help in keeping your eyes free from strain.

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