How to Make Your Meetings More Productive

In a typical work week, managers spend roughly 20 hours in meetings. In most cases, those meetings just lead to more meetings. With the right strategies in place, meetings can be more productive and take up fewer hours in your work week.

At our Denver Employment Solutions office, we spend our fair share of time in meetings. Here are some tips that we know will answer your question to: How to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Is a Meeting Necessary?

Meetings are an essential way to accomplish certain tasks, especially if a group decision needs to be made or you’re looking for input from the group.

However, a meeting may not always be the optimal solution for every task. Before you set your next meeting, consider whether a meeting is really necessary. Is a meeting really the optimal way to get the job done? If not, you can save everyone time, which can be focused on something more productive.

Make Meetings Shorter

It’s not uncommon for meetings to last an hour or more, but a 60-minute meeting is not always necessary. If the task can be accomplished in 20- to 30-minutes, hold a shorter meeting.

Remember: the longer your meetings are, the more money you’re costing the company in terms of lost productivity.

Don’t Invite Everyone

Many companies invite a lot of people when they hold meetings, but is that really necessary? When scheduling a meeting, consider the people who truly need to be there, and the people who don’t. Those who weren’t invited can receive meeting notes in an email, so everyone stays on the same page.

When only critical people are invited to a meeting, decisions can be made quickly.

Stay on Track

To get the most out of your meeting, you need to make every single minute count. Make it a habit to set a clear and concise purpose or goal for each meeting in advance, so everyone will be on the same page when the meeting starts.

In addition, be sure to make everyone’s role in the meeting clear and let them know what you expect of them ahead of time. Consider putting someone in charge of taking notes and writing down any decisions that need to be made and actions that need to be taken during the meeting.

Most meetings are inefficient and waste time that could have otherwise been used productively. Employees are then forced to work overtime to make up for time lost during meetings. Using the tips above, you can make your meetings shorter and more productive, so employees can focus on core tasks that need get done.


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