How to Make Yourself Stand Out Among Your Competition

Job Search Tips in ColoradoLanding an interview for a highly sought after position can be a tough task if you have not laid the necessary groundwork for preparing yourself and your application materials for intense review. At Employment Solutions, our staffing agency has discovered proven strategies that you can employ to make yourself stand out among your competition and increase your chances of receiving a call-back. Here are 4 tips that you can follow to ensure you are at the top of the candidate list:

  1. Prepare a cover letter. Your cover letter should be no more than one page, free from grammatical errors and thoughtfully describe your skills, experience and how you would be a unique asset to the company.
  2. Create a formatted resume. Templates designed for resumes allow you to plug in your information so you can present a clean, visually-pleasing presentation of your accomplishments.
  3. Complete and/or review social media profiles. Companies often conduct reviews of a potential candidate’s social media profiles, which include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to gain a broader impression of an individual’s character and accomplishments. Update your profile photos with professional or presentable, inoffensive images and refrain from posting, sharing,  liking or commenting on controversial topics or images that may reflect poorly on you.
  4. Reach out to a hiring employee or manager of the company. Personally contacting a representative of the company affords you the opportunity to introduce yourself, directly express interest in the position, and open a line of dialogue.

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