Insourcing – Creating Opportunities from Within

By Jessica LaGrossa

While Employment Solutions is in the business of matching temporary employees with businesses looking for temporary assistance, these partnerships can sometimes lead to full time opportunities under the proper circumstances. Often, those seeking positions with well-respected, thriving companies will first reach out to Employment Solutions in order to get the proverbial foot-in-the-door.

Jason Moffett and James Ferguson were looking to cross the threshold at a local company in the mobile accessories industry. Knowing the competitiveness of entry level openings at the company, both Moffett and Ferguson went straight to Employment Solutions to kick start what has become a fruitful career.

Moffett turned to Employment Solutions after an eclectic work experience. A graduate of Colorado State University, he holds a degree in geology. However, finding opportunities in his field was challenging. He spent several years working as a program administrator for the developmentally disabled and then opened a pizza restaurant and bar. “That was an interesting experience,” Moffett shared. “When that ended, I drifted and finding work at that time was difficult.”

Ferguson sought out Employment Solutions after his own diverse path. His work experience varied from berry farmer in Vermont to substance abuse counselor in Colorado after his own personal rehab experience to an environmental scientist assistant. His last position only endured a month. “I was building prairie dog fences, removing trees, and applying pesticides,” Ferguson said. “It was hard work and there weren’t enough hours.”

Both Moffett and Ferguson were drawn to this company because of the company’s stellar reputation. “I specifically wanted to work here because I knew it was a good company to work for,” said Moffett. “And I knew it was a company you could stay with.”

However, Ferguson knew landing the job was going to be tough. “In the past, it’s been hard to get hired onto their team.”

Neither Moffett nor Ferguson knew each other, but both knew to start at Employment Solutions in their search for their dream jobs. Ferguson had worked with a friend whose sister worked at Employment Solutions, so he reached out to her. Moffett learned about Employment Solutions through a friend who had a positive experience.

Both underwent the typical Employment Solutions application process, providing resumes and undergoing background checks. Ferguson landed a temp position as a production worker and quickly moved through several roles including boxer, runner, and table captain. He was offered full time status just six months after onboarding. His dedication and personable touch with other employees eventually led to the creation of a floor lead opportunity overseeing 80-100 people. Today, Ferguson is a shift supervisor for the CTO (configuration to order) “make-to-stock and make-to-order” operations, celebrating six years with the company.

Moffett was hired as a temp material handler and also quickly proved himself a dedicated, hard worker. In less than a year, he was offered full time status where he moved on to machine operator, floor coordinator, stock picker, and turret operator. “I was able to excel in these positions and deliver high volume of product to the floor,” he shared. “I also took advantage of what they had to offer in terms of schooling and classes while serving cross functionally.” Moffett recently celebrated his fifth year at the company and is now a third shift outbound distribution supervisor.

Moffett and Ferguson are both quick to say that they would “absolutely” recommend Employment Solutions to others. “They create a lot of opportunity for people to get in with good companies,” said Ferguson. “If you are having a hard time finding work on your own, an agency with a good name like Employment Solutions can help match your skills to something. It may not meet your exact needs at the time, but could turn into something more. It has changed my life.”