Job Search Tips for 2015

Job Search Tips | Employment Solutions BlogWith every year that passes, the job market changes and job seekers are scrambling to find a position in the maze of employment ads and online resources. At Employment Solutions, we employ an expansive database of currently available positions with top quality employers, so our clients can find dependable employment in a short amount of time. Through our successful work with countless clients, we have developed 6 job search tips for 2015 that will help you find the perfect position:

  1. Update your resume. If it has been awhile since you last revised your resume, it’s time to refresh it to include any past positions. Also, you must contact your references to be certain they are available and willing to serve as a reference once again.
  2. Research your job title. Companies tend to reinvent the job titles to exclude and include certain duties which you may or may not have the background to perform. You may also be pleasantly surprised that your previous work experience has earned you the ability to apply for a higher job title than that which you last held.
  3. Research your pay range. Pay grades can change over time resulting in you collecting more or less than what you previously earned for the same position. If the pay scale is less, consider increasing your value as an employee by earning relevant certifications, completing continuing education courses or starting on an advanced degree.
  4. Monitor your social media profiles. Employers are becoming increasingly savvy at locating a candidate’s social media accounts. Be certain you refrain posting or sharing anything that may be considered inappropriate, offensive or harmful.
  5. Reach out to preferred companies or organizations. It’s difficult to tell where an entity posts their job announcements if it is not stated on their website, so try contacting the human resources department to find out where to apply for available positions.
  6. Hire an employment agency, like Employment Solutions. Working with an employment agency will greatly decrease the time it takes you find a position and provide you with other notable benefits, such as application materials creation and interview preparation.

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