Job Searching 101: Resources

To land a job in today’s competitive market, job seekers have to do more than just browse through the classified section of the local newspaper. Job opportunities are everywhere – if you know where to look. From online listings to industry events and recruiters, there are numerous ways to find employment opportunities. Find useful resources from the Employment Solutions team.

Job Search Sites

Job search sites are the most popular and convenient way to search for job openings. Employers place their listing for an open position (similar to a “help wanted” ad), and candidates can submit their applications online.

Job boards offer opportunities in just about every field and every city in the world. Most also allow you to sign up for alerts, so you can be notified when a new opportunity is posted.

Most job seekers will rely only on job boards to find employment, but there are many other places to find opportunities.

The Classifieds

The classified section of your local newspaper is still a source for job opportunities in your area. While the selection may be limited, the newspaper can be an excellent resource if you need a job quickly or are looking to stay local.

Social Media

Think social media is only good for networking? Think again. You can also use social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find job opportunities as well.

LinkedIn is an especially good resource to find job openings. Employers post job listings right on LinkedIn, and you can easily apply for them straight through the site.

You can also use Twitter’s search feature to look for users who may be posting about job opportunities.

Network Contacts

Take advantage of your network by reaching out to your contacts. Ask how they’re doing and let them know you’re searching for new employment.


Recruiters help job seekers in many ways. For starters, they have connections with hiring managers and can help you stand out in the crowd as a qualified candidate. They work directly with employers, and they’re a great resource for anyone searching for a job. The key here is to make sure that you’re keeping in touch with your recruiter, so they’re up to date on your skills and qualifications.

Company Websites

Companies often post vacancies on their company websites. Oftentimes, you can submit your application right through email. Listings on company sites may offer more information than a typical listing on a job board, which can be beneficial for job seekers with specific needs and qualifications.

Industry Events

Industry events are great for networking, but they’re also great for finding job opportunities. You never know who you may meet, so be prepared by gathering business cards and have your resume on hand just in case you meet someone who knows of an opening.

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