Looking for a Job While Still Employed: Is it OK?

If you are ready to begin searching for a new job, it is common wisdom to start looking while you are still employed. But how do you take that plunge and start sending out your resume without word potentially getting back to your employer? And is it good practice to even begin your job search without letting your current employer know? Hiring agency experts agree that it is not only OK to look for a new job while still employed, but it is actually the prudent thing to do. There can be significant benefits of looking for your next job while still working at your last one.

First of all, you need to convince yourself that it’s not a bad thing. In fact, career experts say that having a job while looking at a job can make you more attractive to a prospective employer. Think about it: companies want to hire the best people in their field. It only makes sense that the best people would already be employed. Not only that, but quitting before lining up your next job opens you up to some serious financial risk. So, step one of beginning the job search is to get over the guilt that maybe you are doing something wrong by looking for a new opportunity.

Another advantage of beginning your job search while you’re still employed is that it will help you to be more choosy and confident. If you are seeking employment and don’t currently have a job, you may be more apt to try to get any job you can, rather than wait for one that is right for you and is in your chosen field. On the other hand, if you are already employed, there is no pressure, and you can take your time to find just the right opportunity when it comes along. When the pressure is off, it can also help you with negotiating terms with the new place of employment, such as salary, benefits and vacation time. With the security of your current job, you have a lot less to lose- and more to gain- when asking your potential new employer for what you want.

A common fear among those who are seeking new opportunities without first leaving their current position is that their boss or coworkers will somehow find out and get angry or hurt, or possibly even fire you. This is certainly a threat and can lead to some uncomfortable situations, so make sure you uphold your on-the-job ethics by not sending any emails or making phone calls pertaining to your potential new job while on company time, and limit the number of people who know about your possible career move. Also, it is always a good idea- and the right thing to do- to continue doing your work effectively and well, without becoming distracted by the possible new job on the horizon.

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