Mayco Colors

By Jessica LaGrossa

Ceramic artists and potters know Mayco Colors well. Founded in 1954, Mayco is one of the world’s leading producers of ceramic products, which can be found in many major retailers. If you are a ceramicist—whether professional or hobbyist—and aren’t familiar with the Mayco name, it’s very likely you are familiar with any number of their glazes, molds, slips, etc. Their vibrant colors and notable craftsmanship draw the eye.

The story is much the same for Mayco production supervisor Dennis West who walked into the small company in Hillard, Ohio 16 years ago simply because the Mayco sign grabbed his attention. With some assembly line experience, West had an interest in production. “I walked in, filled out an application, and got an interview right away,” he shared. “I knew nothing about the company back then, but the gentleman that I interviewed with was a gentleman that I knew from high school; he took a chance on me and here I am.”

Today, West works alongside a Mayco team made up from varying walks of life—manufacturers, pottery and art studio owners and certified art educators as well as recent fine arts graduates. He oversees production and, therefore, has a hand in hiring. Yet when West and the team noticed that their newspaper ads were no longer getting much of a response, they decided it was time to reach out to an employment agency.

“Employment Solutions was the very first employment agency that we talked to,” said West. “They aren’t too far from here—just about 10 minutes away—and we figured they’d be able to recruit people close to our facility.”

ES representatives’ first action was to tour the facility. “They have seen each job and know what it takes to do it,” explained West. “Anytime I need a position filled, they know what it requires and can adequately explain the job.”

Working alongside ES, West has been able to successfully fill positions ranging from bottling; slip, mold, and box making; milling; and, sometimes, shipping. That success has relayed some from temp to hire, including two current employees who recently finished their 90 days with ES and are now full time Mayco employees. “I never have to worry about them getting to work, they are go-getters,” West explained. “They know what they have to do and they go do it. And if they run out of work, they ask for more.”

When asked if he would recommend ES to others, West quickly and assuredly answered, “Absolutely.”

“Longevity—that’s what we look for,” he then elaborated. “Employment Solutions has been successful and we are happy.”