Corporate Team

Rick edit 2

Rick Wagner, President

Linkedin Profile

In my free time
I’m spending time with my family, usually at a kid’s sporting event.

“I am teaching one to drive, one to walk, and one to not poop on the floor.” (I have seven kids.)

Favorite food
I love steak and sushi – steak sushi is the ultimate.

If I were not a business owner
I would be an astronaut.


Susan edit 2Susan Bettis, VP of Accounting

In my free time
I am on a motorcycle ride with my husband, spending time with my girls, or scrap-booking at home.

I’m known for saying

Fun fact
Accountants have tattoos, too. (I’m the one getting the tattoo in the photo to the left).

If I were not a vice president of accounting
I would be a race car driver.


Shad fishing edit 2

Shad Sleeth, Vice President of Sales

Linkedin Profile

In my free time
You will most likely find me fly-fishing.

Favorite food
Rice Krispy Treats

Fun fact
I did roofing for 12 years.

If I were not a VP of Sales
I would be a fly-fishing guide.

Wendy Coensgen, Strategic Partnership Manager   Wendy Coensgen Strategic Staffing Manager

In my free time

I have a variety of hobbies that entertain what little free time I have. These include scrapbooking, reading, spending time with family and friends and watching the Broncos play!

Favorite food

Most ethnic foods, including Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and Sushi – maybe spicy would be a better word to describe it.

Fun fact

I used to weigh in at 330 lbs. I have worked hard to lose an entire person after having several heart attacks at the age of 38. It has certainly been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Favorite quote

“Your big opportunity, might be right where you are now.”    – Napoleon Hill

If I were not in my current line of work I would be

Either a nurse or an owner of an NFL team. I know – two totally opposite lines of work – but that is why I love being the Strategic Partnership Manager for Employment Solutions – I love variety, helping people, and always going for the win, win, win!


Kevin Fields, Staff Accountant staff accountant skilled manufacturing and logistics

In my free time I am usually
Doing anything outdoors, often golfing.

Favorite Food

Fun fact 
I have a twin brother

If I were not in accounting
I would probably be in the banking world.


Laurie edit 2

Laurie Kalinec, Payroll & Administrative Assistant

In my free time
I’m sitting on my porch enjoying the view or shopping in Old Town.

Favorite food
I love Mexican food.

Movie I would suggest to a friend
The Horse Whisperer

Freckles and Schnapps, two sweet dogs