The Negative Side of Job Hopping

Job-hopping has become the norm for the younger generation and it is common to switch roles, change employers and seek new opportunities every couple of years. Often going from job to job is seen as challenging and ambitious, moving on to better prospects and in a new direction.

Yet, the older generation stayed with the same employers for years, enjoying job security and a good salary. While the job market is different today than it was years ago, are there actually any negative aspects to job-hopping that we haven’t considered?

Perceived Disloyalty

There is a danger that regular job-hopping could damage your chances with future employers. While it can be seen as being experienced on a resume, changing jobs in a short period of time can be perceived as uncommitted, unreliable and ultimately, a quitter. Employers look for people that show passion, dedication and loyalty and usually look to hire employees for the long run. Although you can explain your reasons for job-hopping at interview, as there may be valid reasons, sometimes this opportunity is lost in your resume before you get the chance.

Missing Promotions

Leaving a position or company too soon means you can prevent any chance of a future promotion that will move you up the career ladder. This can be harmful to your career prospects and you can miss out on earning a better salary for your hard work. It is easy to become impatient in a role and move on without thinking about the repercussions. But, this can also mean you lose out on any long-term benefits that are available to you by putting in the years.

Team Bonding

If you don’t stay with one employer long enough, you can miss out on developing valuable relationships with co-workers, in the workplace and outside the office. Teamwork is key to success and if you don’t have time to integrate with your fellow employees, this can jeopardize learning new skills and making progress in your role. What’s more, you can even miss out on making friends that can last a lifetime. It can also have an affect on future employment, as you don’t have the opportunity to make important contacts and networking with others that can lead to promotion or new training prospects.

Living with Regret

Leaving a job too soon can be a big mistake. Sometimes we are too busy thinking about the negatives or what the future holds to see the good and the opportunities that are already in front of us. Often, a job isn’t as bad as you think and you only appreciate the benefits or perks you had once they are gone. The new job you go to can simply not be as good as the last, which leads to a vicious circle of further job-hopping and regret.

There are many reasons why people job-hop, from a change in career and seeking new skills to a boost in salary and better working environment. Job-hopping is not always a bad thing, but it is important to recognize the negatives that can be perceived and missed opportunities it can cause.

That’s why you need to think about what is right for you before making the important decision to stay or to go. There are many professionals that can offer you advice on what can be best for your future career, such as an employment agency Denver. This way you can discover your dream job that is perfect for you.