Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Fort Collins temp agency | Networking Do's and Don'tsBeing successful in today’s job market requires a commitment to networking. Networking entails connecting with those in your industry to gain knowledge, identify goals and obtain contacts that can help you move forward with your career aspirations.

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Are you an effective networker? Do you have the skills it takes to make a good impression? If you aren’t sure how to network or wonder if you are effective in your networking strategies, here are 3 networking Do’s and Don’ts from the Fort Collins temp agency of Employment Solutions:


Do engage with others, such as at meetings, conventions and training seminars. Do so in a meaningful way that centers on casual business conversation. Keep it business-oriented and stay focused on what is being said so you do not miss an opportunity to share your own views and experiences. Remember, anyone can be a valuable contact, so be polite and socialize.

Don’t be shy or stand in a circle of people chatting without interjecting something of value. If you are one-on-one with someone, you can keep the conversation going by asking relevant questions.

Stay informed

Do keep up with the latest advancements in your industry. Networking is a great deal about impressing those around and sharing your views on recent industry-related news.

Don’t lie. Exaggerating about your background or qualifications will destroy any chance you have of networking with a potential contact should that person discover you were not honest about who you are. Similarly, if you are asked a question or about a topic of conversation of which you are not familiar, do not try to fake it. Simply state that you are unfamiliar with that subject, but that you are interested in hearing about it.

Reach out

Do contact someone who provides you with their contact information or asks that you connect with them on a social media platform, such as LinkedIn.

Don’t inquire about your contact getting you a job. Instead, ask if they know of good companies that might be in search of qualified employees. If a position is open within their own company and they think you might be a suitable candidate, they will let you know without you having to ask.

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Networking is a great resource for finding employment opportunities. However, if you are not having any luck with your contacts and are presently seeking a position, call Employment Solutions today in Fort Collins at 970-407-9675 to discover the opportunities available to you!