Phone Interview Strategies You Should Know

Phone Interview Strategies You Should Know

Engaging in a successful phone interview can be a cinch to accomplish, if you are prepared. During a phone interview, there are 10 specific strategies of which you should be aware so that you leave the impression that you are polite, knowledgeable and excited to attain the job.

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The 10 Phone Interview Strategies You Should Know

  1. Find a quiet place that allows you to participate in the phone interview without interruption, so that the interviewer does not become distracted with your background noise.
  2. Greet the interviewer by name with a “Hello” and “How are you,” then let the interviewer direct the pleasantries.
  3. Speak in an upbeat voice directly into the phone.
  4. Focus on the phone interview and do not engage in any other activities.
  5. Try to answer all questions in as few sentences as possible to avoid monopolizing the phone interview.
  6. Be courteous when the interviewer is speaking by allowing the interviewer to finish his/her sentences without interruption.
  7. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your work history, experience and education by having your resume in front of you to use as a reference.
  8. If there are any gaps in your work history or unique issues relevant to you or your background, avoid becoming defensive during this uncomfortable Q&A process and calmly provide factual explanations that address those difficult topics.
  9. Determine your salary expectations and long-term career goals prior to the phone interview to afford yourself time to formulate your answers.
  10. Have questions ready to ask the interviewer about specific aspects of the job to demonstrate your eagerness to work for that particular company.

To guarantee a promising outcome from your phone interview, you should focus on controlling your environment, speaking in a courteous manner and preparing for all conceivable questions that may be posed to you. These phone interview strategies can increase your chances of getting your dream job, so start preparing today by contacting Employment Solutions.