Retaining Valued Employees: 10 Tips for a Staff that Lasts

Retaining valued employees

A Plan for Retaining Qualified Employees

One of today’s greatest challenges facing business operators is retaining qualified,  valuable employees or staff members.  Because of the high costs, increased time   and stress of training new employees   resulting from high turnover, savvy business   operators are always   looking to improve   their relationship skills and business   practices in order to   retain their valuable  employees and maintain a long-term   satisfied and dedicated staff.

The following tips will help the business operator have a “Staff that Lasts.”

  1. Give quality time to your valued employees.

The more quality time you dedicate to   your employees, the more valued your   employees will feel. Increase the   quality of this time by making eye   contact with them during your   interactions, and always remember   to take time out of your busy day   to stop and communicate with   your employees.

  1. Really LISTEN to your staff members.

Pay close attention to what your staff   members are saying. Repeat back to   your staff members what you heard   them say to make sure that you heard   them correctly, and also to show your   staff members that you’ve been   listening. Empathize with your staff   members experiencing difficulty, and   empower them to take actions to   consistently produce positive results.

  1. Verbally acknowledge your employees regularly.

Let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Verbally acknowledge them for their contribution and celebrate their successes. This will motivate your employees to   continue maintaining an optimal level of performance.

4.  Motivate your staff to take risks and try new things.

A staff that is motivated and allowed to take risks will be more creatively   engaged and satisfied with their duties, and their innovative   creativeness will produce profitable results. They will never be bored, and   they will be looking forward to working on Monday.

5.  Recognize your valuable employees with Employee   Recognition Programs.  Implement an “Employee of the   Month” program or you can choose an   award title that will be more   applicable to your business practices.