Rolling in the Staff at Hudson Bearings

Your first encounter with Hudson Bearings, LLC will most likely go back much further than this formal introduction, a meeting you would have been unmindful of at the time. Whether you are involved in air cargo, material handling, robotics or even military logistics, you’ve probably “met” Hudson Bearings. Perhaps you’ve even seen them walking through a retail store with fixtures mounted on Hudson Ball Casters.

For nearly 50 years, Hudson Bearings has manufactured ball transfers to solve a variety of material handling and motion control challenges. While the company’s roots are in CT and ball transfers, it now calls Columbus, OH home and includes production of TurboSocket (extraction) sockets and Tire Changing Kits for Kart Racing.


Gene Bevins (Plant Manager) joined Hudson a little over five years ago and, with the company’s fast growth, immediately recognized the benefit of working with Employment Solutions for staffing needs. “I’ve worked with other staffing companies, and other companies have tried to work with me,” said Bevins. “But I do the majority of my business with Employment Solutions.”


Bevins pointed out that not only does Employment Solutions bring recruiting to the table, but—even more importantly—they handle the screening, background checks, drug testing, etc. “All the work I don’t have time to do!,” he added. “They do the ground work and prep us for the interview process.”


There are two key elements that separate Employment Solutions from all the others, explained Bevins. First, he noted Employment Solutions’ ability to understand the company—from job descriptions to company culture. “They come in, they walk the floor, they understand the jobs and the positions and are able to fill them accurately based on the skill,” he said. “They truly ‘get it’ whereas others don’t.”


And at Hudson, Bevins is quick to point out that no job is less important than even the highest position. “We need entry, mid-grade, and high-level lead employees from light assembly workers to stamping operators to machinists,” he explained. “And Employment Solutions helps fill all three.”


And the majority of those filled positions become permanent employees. Back when Bevins first started at Hudson, there were a mere five on the floor. “Now there are 21 on two shifts, and Employment Solutions has filled 70% of those positions.”


The reason for such high retention rates? Bevins attributes it to Employment Solutions’ understanding of Hudson’s company culture. “One of the main things I’ve impressed on them—and that they get better than anyone—is that attitude is everything.”


Bevins added that no matter how experienced or professional an applicant may be, he doesn’t want them on his team if they don’t have the right attitude. Therefore, Employment Solutions includes this criteria in their screening process. “They’ll let me know if someone doesn’t have experience, but has the right attitude,” explained Bevins. “In fact, I have an upcoming interview with someone from Employment Solutions, and since they are excited about him, so am I.”


The second key element that separates Employment Solutions from other staffing agencies according to Bevins is their excellent follow up skills. “They even hold me more accountable than I hold them!,” he added, laughing. “If I’m falling behind, they’ll call and ask if I’ve followed up on a resume.”


When Bevins announced that Hudson would be building a 2nd shift and turned over a list of staffing needs to Employment Solutions, none other than Charlie Carter, president of Employment Solutions, Ohio, showed up at the door. “He was there to make sure we didn’t miss any opportunities,” explained Bevins. “They keep my feet to the fire so we don’t lose great fits.”


When asked if the investment has been worth the payout, Bevins quickly affirmed that Employment Solutions’ ability to locate reliable help with reliable skill sets is not only top notch, but absolutely worth the cost. “The ‘finders-fee’ is well worth the quality work,” he added. “I can’t express that enough.”


And Bevins frequently recommends Employment Solutions to others. “I have their business cards on my desk and pass them out regularly,” he said. “Even if I know of someone I like and consider hiring them, I send them (unconventionally) to Employment Solutions to then come to me. That’s how much I trust what they are doing.”


“I am proud of what we do here at Hudson, and I’m proud of what Employment Solutions helps us do,” added Bevins. “I can’t thank them enough.


Jessica LaGrossa is a freelance writer and editor with over 15 years of publishing experience. She can be reached at