Social Media Don’ts While Looking for Work

We are connected like never before thanks to social media. When applicants apply for a job or are looking for work, it’s all too easy to use social media recklessly. After all, what harm can be done by posting on your own Facebook or Twitter?

Let’s discuss some major social media don’ts while looking for work with tips from the experts at Employment Solutions.

Don’t Post Desperately

Employers don’t want someone who is desperate. You can’t post, “I will do anything for a job – even work for less,” and expect a great response. Those that do respond will be looking to hire you well below the salary that you deserve.

Don’t Post Your Weekend Blunders

Be professional at all times. Selfies with your buddies at the bar or drunken ramblings can and will be found by potential employers. If you’re highly objective, you don’t want this to be seen on your social account. As always, be professional and try to keep personal opinions not related to business to yourself.

People are passionate about recent news stories, religion and various other aspects of life. You don’t want to ruin your chances of getting work because you have a difference in personal opinions.

Don’t Post and Sit Back

Perhaps the biggest mistake is creating a social media profile, posting your credentials and sitting back, waiting for luck to find you. Social media allows us to network with people all over the world.

Begin networking in your industry and ensure that the people who matter most are your first targets. Network with recruiters, company owners and workers in your field.

Don’t Hassle Recruiters

You should always connect with recruiters via social media, but you should not hassle them. The goal is to make yourself a part of their network, but not bombard them with questions, such as “are you hiring?” every day. If an opportunity arises, a recruiter will post it on their profile for the world to see.

Don’t Spam Groups

This is particularly important on LinkedIn and Facebook. One sure way to get a negative reputation is to spam groups by asking if a job is available or posting your credentials. Unless someone asks for a candidate in the group, use your groups for networking and not continual self-promotion.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Profile

This is especially true for LinkedIn. You want to ensure that your profile is always updated and that employers know that you’re currently looking for a job. If you don’t update your profile, you’ll find that you’re going to miss the vast majority of opportunities that could have lead to potential employment.

Don’t Leave Your Account Dormant

Being everywhere at one time is a valiant effort, but it does you no good if you’re not active. It’s better to slim down your social media accounts to one or two and be highly active than leave an account dormant and not updated.

Social media is all about networking, and if you’re not networking on the outlets that matter most, you’re wasting your time. Contact us today for more information.