Is Your Staffing Provider ACA-Compliant?

Countdown to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance

Now’s the best time to prepare. The deadline for businesses with over 100 employees is January 1, 2015. Businesses with over 50 employees need to be ready by January 1, 2016.

Do You…
—Know the penalties for not offering insurance?
—Know the potential penalties for you if your staffing company is not compliant?
—Know your ACA liability under staffing arrangements?
—Know the report filing required by ACA by January 1, 2015?

Have You…
—Determined if you are a large employer? Know how to “look back 12 months”?
—Decided to Pay or Play?
—Received a letter from your staffing firm that they are compliant?
—Discussed how your staffing company will bill for the health insurance they must provide for temporary staff?
—Revised your staffing provider contracts to include the “safe harbor” clause?
—Contacted your staffing partner?

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The staff at Employment Solutions can help you understand and reduce the costs of ACA compliance.

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