Steps to Overcome Interview Anxiety

Interview Tips | Employment Solutions | ColoradoAre you feeling stressed about an upcoming interview? Have you had an interview fall flat because you felt nervous and feel worried it will happen again? At Employment Solutions, our employment specialists can prepare you for your interview, so you can impress the interviewers with your poise and professionalism.

Here are 8 steps compiled by our experts that will help decidedly you overcome interview anxiety:

  1. Be prepared. The best way to combat feelings of anxiousness is to know your resume front to back. Then, write down any questions you may be asked during the interview. Memorizing your thorough, polished answers to these questions will decrease your anxiety. Another excellent technique is practicing the anticipated dialogue between you and the interviewer.
  2. Dress professionally. When you are happy with your appearance, you will immediately relax, while boosting your confidence.
  3. Don’t alter your morning routine. Any sight variation in your regular routine can increase your level of uneasiness. However, if you drink coffee in the morning, try not to overdo it, as large amounts of caffeine can heighten anxiety.
  4. Avoid spending the hours before your interview worrying about the outcome. Instead, visualize yourself breezing through the interview and getting the job. Convincing yourself that the outcome will be positive is an effective tool in minimizing your interview anxiety.
  5. Leave early. Nothing can bring on the anxiety like being late for an interview. If you leave just enough time to get there, you will undoubtedly run into traffic, need to stop for gas or have a hard time finding a parking spot.
  6. Arrive early. To make a good impression and allow yourself time to settle in, arrive several minutes before your scheduled interview.
  7. Preoccupy your mind while you wait. You will surely stress yourself out if you continue mulling over how you’ll perform while sitting in the waiting area.
  8. Take a deep breath. You’ll do just fine. You’ve already landed the interview, so this company must see something great in you.

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