Steps to Take after a Critical Interview

Steps to Take after a Critical Interview | Employment Solutions Staffing AgencyFinishing an interview can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Yet, your job is not done. Employers can conduct anywhere from a few to tens of interviews to find the best employee for a position. As an applicant, you must remain in the front of the candidate crowd to increase your chances of gaining a second interview and a position. At Employment Solutions, a staffing agency located in Denver, CO, we specialize in assisting prospective employees with following the proper protocol to secure your desired position If you are seeking employment help in Colorado, we can connect you with great careers and great employers.

Here are 5 steps to take after a critical interview to raise your chances of being hired:

  1. Ask when you might hear back concerning the position. After the interview has been completed, ask how long it could take for a decision to be made, which serves to demonstrate your interest in the position and provides you with a guideline on when to follow-up.
  2. Send a thank you one to two days after the interview was conducted. It is best to leave a voicemail message after-hours or send an email to express your thanks for the opportunity to interview.
  3. Follow up with a call or email. Depending upon the employers preferred method of contact, follow up concerning the position and the status of your application. If the employer provided you with a time frame for which you would contacted about the final decision, do not call prior to that specified time.
  4. Contact your references. If your reference doesn’t recognize the phone number of your prospective employer, the call may not be answered. Provide your references with the possible numbers from which the employer may be call. Also, ask your references to check their spam folder on a daily basis for any messages from the company.
  5. Prepare for a second interview. Second interviews may be conducted by a different individual within the company, by members of management or a committee. During your initial interview, you were likely informed as to the company’s hiring process, so be certain you are ready for the next phase.

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