It’s the year 2025: Are you a Digital Twin Engineer, or a Predicative Supply Network Analyst?

Deloitte & The Manufacturing Institute gives us a glimpse into the future with the who’s-who of manufacturing jobs and fills us in on how manufactures can develop the next skilled workforce in partnerships with things like A. I. and young students. By Sarah Ash       It can seem like there are two types […]

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Labor Forecast Predicts 8.2 % Increase in Demand for Temporary Workers In 2013 Fourth Quarter

  Industry consulting firm G. Palmer & Associates’ released this quarterly forecast: Demand for temporary workers in the United States is expected to increase 8.2% on a seasonally adjusted basis for the 2013 fourth quarter, when compared with the same period in 2012. according to the Palmer Forecast™. The Palmer Forecast™ indicated a 6.4% increase […]

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