Technical & Professional Profile: Sarah Nelson


Did you know that Employment Solutions has a booming Technical & Professional Division?  Our team of two recruiters with over 20 combined years of staffing experience stand out from the competition because they are committed to more than just making a placement.

Unlike many other staffing agencies, our team guarantees an individualized process. Our technical recruiters have a genuine interest in the roles they fill, especially roles within the engineering space, and they strive to connect the best and the brightest in the industry to jobs that allow people to achieve their highest professional goals. In fact, they not only place top talent in Colorado; our Technical & Professional team places some of the best engineering candidates nationwide.


We’ like to introduce you to one half of our amazing Technical & Professional team- Sarah Nelson. Not only has Sarah been in the staffing industry for 10+ years, but she is also the second longest employee of Employment Solutions- second only to our founder and owner, Rick Wagner.  Read more about her and how she contributes to the division below.


What is your professional background?

I have been in the staffing industry for 15 years. Some of the roles I have held include Sr. Recruiter, Employee Development Manager, Recruiting Manager and, now, Sr. Technical Recruiter! I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud University in Minnesota.


Why did you decide to enter the staffing industry?

Honestly, I just fell into it. I had never heard of the staffing industry before I applied to a job advertisement for a recruiter. I remember sitting across from the hiring manager who interviewed me, and I said, “How does someone get a break if they are not given the opportunity to prove themselves?” I got the job and the rest is history!


What makes you a fantastic recruiter?

I am genuinely interested in the main parts of this business and each of the stakeholders. I really enjoy learning about people, their jobs, and different companies and what they do. I also make myself very available to both our clients and our candidates. At the end of the day, I truly care about the people I am trying to help guide to their next career path, and I also genuinely care about our clients looking for their next employee. Plus, I love continuously learning about all the different types of engineering positions, terminology, and what the people in this industry do. I really love it and find it so fascinating!

What are some of the most common roles you fill?

  • Engineering; Quality, Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing Engineers, Product Engineers, Project Engineers
    Directors, General Managers, Production Supervisors
    Program Managers/New Product Development
    Electro-Mechanical Assembler, Engineering Technician, Test Technicians


What is the best thing a client can offer to attract top candidates?

Great candidates are attracted to companies that offer flexibility, a strong training program, good benefits, and a positive work culture. Remember, candidates are just as much interviewing the company as the company is them. In this job market, you really need to set yourself apart from competitors. What makes you stand out as an employer?


What success are you most proud of within in Employment Solutions’ Technical & Professional Division?

I am very excited with the direction and resources we have put into our division to see it grow. I really feel we are solidifying what our division is and building around that. Personally, I am proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself. Sometimes I feel like an actor, going on auditions constantly and still being told no every day – sometimes even multiple times a day. But I still get up every morning ready to build this division and give 120 percent!


What do you think sets Employment Solutions apart from other staffing agencies in the industry?

I feel that we operate very ethically and with high standards. We have, I feel, one of the top technical recruiting teams in Colorado. Our team isn’t commission based, either, and I feel that really helps us do what is best for our employees and our clients. I never want an employee to take a position that at the end of the day isn’t the best fit for them, or a client to hire an employee that might not be the best match for them. I think sometimes recruiters can make decisions that are clouded by what is best for them if they are getting paid off that placement. Because of this, our values as an ethical company are able shine through the people we work with.



We are a company that was built on entrepreneurial spirit. We will continue to grow this exciting division and we want you to be a part of it! If you are a client looking for top engineering talent, contact us here to get started. And if you are a professional looking for a new role in your career, you can contact Sarah at


We can’t wait to work with you soon!