Tips for Promoting Yourself Without Being Obnoxious

Promoting yourself in a cover letter, resume and during a job interview without being obnoxious are delicate feats to achieve. There are some helpful tips that you can follow to promote yourself in a positive way that is well-received by others.

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  1. Stick to the facts when describing your past positions. Avoid embellishing your resume or making yourself sound more important in your past positions than was true. Many companies will call your past employers to verify what tasks you were assigned and your overall performance in the position. If you exaggerate your background, chances are you will lose the job.
  2. Avoid excessive use of adjectives in favor of straightforward descriptions about yourself and your work history. While it’s okay to express how you are a hard worker who arrives on-time and has a great attention-to-detail, you should steer clear of sentences that read or sound like this, “Over the lengthy course of my impressive work history, I have expertly gained an enormous amount of exceptional management experience as I am a natural-born leader with a notable knack for successfully drawing out efficient productivity from my inexperienced counterparts.”
  3. Focus on your professional background in your cover letter and during your interview. Stop yourself if you begin to tell your life’s story. The employer wants to know why you’d be a good fit for the position in terms of work ethic; what duties you have completed in the past that make you qualified for the job; and a quick review of any degrees or certifications you hold that are relevant to the job.
  4. Do not speak negatively about past employers or coworkers. Frequently, an interviewer will ask you to describe how you handled a time in which you did not agree with someone at your job. Arrive prepared to speak about a commonplace event that does not prompt you to speak in a derogatory manner about other people. A sure way to come across as obnoxious is to make it sound as if you are superior to past coworkers or employers.

While being overly humble is unnecessary, it’s advisable to stay away from making yourself sound grandiose. By focusing on your positive attributes as related to your work ethic and highlighting the facts of your professional background, you will successfully promote yourself without being obnoxious.