Top 5 Benefits of Temp Work with Employment Solutions

With a name like Employment Solutions, we get a lot of people who walk into our office because they see the word employment in our name, and they need work! Some people don’t know right away that we are a staffing agency, and they also don’t always know that we are contract-to- hire. Some people don’t know what contract-to- hire even means, but they might be familiar with things like temp agencies, or day-labor!

We focus on temp-to-hire job opportunities, which means our goal is long term employment – perfect for career-minded job seekers looking for stability and growth.

Even though some people don’t hear about staffing and recruiting agencies before they want to use one, the American Staffing Association reports more than three million temporary and contract employees work for staffing agencies in America during an average week! And during the year, America’s staffing companies hire near 17 million temporary and contract employers.

With so many people utilizing staffing agencies and lot’s of options for who you work with, you might be wondering what’s so great about working with us? Here are 5 benefits of working with us at Employment Solutions!

You can usually start work in the same week you fill out a job application, sometimes even within 24 hours

How quickly you move from putting in an application to clocking in at your new job varies depending on the type of industry and work. Some places offer short term jobs that are meant to last a day or two, while other organizations offer jobs that need to be filled long term. At Employment Solutions, we sit right in the middle of these two! We look for a job for you that will be a good fit long term, but you work under our payroll for a specific amount of time. Then, depending on the client’s needs and whether you feel like the job is a good fit, there is often an option to convert to the client after an average of 90 days. Even better, there’s often a bump in pay when you’re converted! We even have direct hire opportunities available.


We work with backgrounds

We work with a variety of clients that have different policies on felonies, and we do have some companies that are felon-friendly on a case-by-case basis. We run a national background check on any person that we are planning on sending to a job, so our best advice to is be upfront and honest with your staffing specialist about anything that might show up. If we don’t get any surprises, we will always do our very best to find a place for you to work that can fit your situation.

Our recruiters won’t send you out to a job unless they really think it will fit your goals and interests

Although our staffing specialists want to get you to work as soon as possible, they will always make sure that you know every detail of the job that they have available before you start, and they work one-on-one with you throughout the process.  They make sure you won’t just like the job, but that you can see yourself growing in it too! We consider your interests, experience, qualifications, availability, and more. And you can even reach our staffing specialists via text, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.


We offer an early check program

We pay weekly on Fridays at Employment Solutions, so you can do that pay day, happy-dance every week! Don’t want to wait until Friday to get your paycheck? You can choose to get an early check every time you are paid, or one-time. Just pay a $20 fee for a one time early check, and a $15 fee per week if you select early pay on multiple weeks. Check out our other benefits here. 


We offer up to $1,000 in free rent through our referral program

The best part about our program is that you don’t even have to be working for us to participate! If you send us reliable friends or family members that need work, you’ll each get a $50 Visa gift-card after they work 80 hours. But that’s not all! If your referral is still on assignment with us, you’ll be entered to a monthly drawing to win up to $1000 in free rent.

We are so much more than just a temp agency. We also offer resume writing services in our Denver office, and we even host job fairs every few months, where you can get hired on-the-spot! Are you ready to get started with us? Visit our job board to apply today.