What Do I Do If I Missed My Job Interview?

Staffing Agency in Columbus OH | Employment Solutions You got a call back from an employer and scheduled an interview. But a last minute emergency prevented you from making it to the meeting. What do you do? Have you blown your chances of getting the job? Not necessarily. If you act quickly, the employer may give you a second chance. Here’s what to do if you miss an important job interview.

Call the Employer ASAP

The first and most important thing is to call the employer as soon as you possibly can. Let them know you won’t be able to make in for the interview, and ask to reschedule. Offer a sincere apology to the interviewer for missing the meeting and for the inconvenience.

If you’re asked why you missing the meeting, offer an explanation. Be honest, concise and professional in your answer. The interviewer will respect you for taking responsibility for your actions.

Ask to Reschedule the Meeting

Missing an interview doesn’t look good on your part – even if your reasons for missing the meeting were beyond your control. Many employers will refuse to reschedule an interview, but ask anyway. If the interviewer does agree to schedule another meeting, make note of the time and date, and thank him or her for the opportunity.

Even if the interviewer refuses to reschedule the meeting, apologize and thank him or her for the consideration.

Send a Personal Letter to the Interviewer

Send the interviewer a personal letter after speaking with him or her on the phone. Provide a brief explanation of why you missed the interview, and make note of the time and date of the meeting.

Now is a good time to ask the interviewer to considering rescheduling the interview if you haven’t done so already. If the interviewer as already agreed to a second meeting, thank him or her for the opportunity. Offer another apology before closing the letter.

Make sure that you send the letter within 24-48 hours of the phone call. If you don’t have time to mail the letter, send it in an email instead.

If the interviewer agrees to reschedule the meeting, make an effort to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity, but do not mention the missed interview. Be polite, professional and do your best to show the interviewer that you’re reliable.

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