What Do the Interview Questions Mean?

Hiring authorities are aware that their reputation is created by the people who work for them. As a result, many employers are putting an emphasis on hiring individuals with the best characteristics when building their team.

This is impacting the questions that are being asked when you submit your resume and the questions asked during interviews. Employers are doing more to reveal the following:

  • Core Values
  • Emotional Intelligence

Everyone has a set of core values that drives the decisions they make. Most interviewers are asking you to state your core values at the end of an interview. They want to compare your answers throughout the interview with the core values you list. If your responses don’t align, the interviewer will believe that you are not truly value driven and that you are giving them the answers you feel they want to her.

There are no right or wrong answers when outlining core values. The hiring authority is trying to hire the right people that will fit in with their core values and company culture. They also want to put you in a position where you can accomplish a high level of success. Sample questions could include: “What was your reputation with former employers?” or “How do you successfully get things done?”

When an interviewer is attempting to test your emotional intelligence, they will ask questions to find out WHY you make specific decisions and choices. Classic emotional intelligence competencies would include:

  • Understanding yourself and your motivation
  • Understanding your impact on others
  • Ability to manage yourself

Most questions to uncover emotional intelligence will be behavioral interview questions i.e. “When did you do something at work that did not work out? What were the results?”

This type of interview will determine in advance if this is the type of company where you can flourish, so it benefits not only the hiring authority but YOU.