What Should I Wear to a Casual Interview?

When it comes to dressing for interviews, it is usually pretty simple. Men wear a suit with a tie, while women opt for a dress or pant suit. You know what is expected with it is a business interview. But, it is becoming more common for employers to arrange casual interviews with potentially new employees, thinking this creates a more relaxing environment for everyone involved. But, what exactly should you wear to a casual interview?


Read on to find out our interviewing tips and how you can dress appropriately to get the job you want!


Smart-Casual Clothing

The most important thing to remember about a casual interview is that it is still an interview. You want to make a good first impression and dress to feel relaxed, yet still look professional.


Of course, casual clothes can mean a lot of different things to different people. But, one thing it never means for a job interview is jeans. This is not going to give a good impression and employers don’t normally allow jeans in the workplace normally. In addition, staying away from t-shirts and tennis shoes is advised, as well as any hats or overly patterned clothes. While you want to stand out from the crowd, you don’t want your clothes to do the talking for you!



Women have a lot of options when it comes to casual interview clothing. But, always opt for the more conservative options in your wardrobe. Wearing a shirt or a blouse with neutral colours and subtle patterns is always a safe choice. Plus, it is lightweight and comfortable. It says modern, as well as relaxed. Pairing this with a cardigan or blazer will also look great and if it is colder, you can wear a sweater too. Again, lighter colours are better than bright. Khaki or cotton pants or a skirt will be enough to satisfy the smart-casual style, with a small pair of heels or flat shoes. If you would wear it to a family lunch, chances are it will look perfect for a casual interview!



While men usually go for a suit and tie for interviews, all you have to do is break this down a little when it comes to a casual interview. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply wearing a button down shirt will portray a professional and smart look, without going overboard. You can also wear a sweater with the collar folded over. For the bottom half, some khaki or cotton pants will let you enough a smart-casual style, without too much effort. Be sure your leather shoes are clean and polished and if you are wearing a belt, that it is a darker colour.


While these are important interviewing tips, one of the most crucial is to be confident. If you feel positive and poised in your casual clothing, this will spread to your potential new employers. This way you can show you are the right man or woman for the job!