What to Do If You Lose Your Star Player

Staffing Agency in Denver, CO | Employment Solutions What would happen if you lost your star player? Every business has invaluable employees, and losing a star employee can be devastating. But it doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event.

If the worst happens and your star player leaves, here’s what to do:

Don’t Overreact

In a situation like this, it’s easy to overreact and make a counteroffer. But it’s in your best interest to stay calm. Losing a star employee can be devastating, but everything will work out in the end. And you can use this as an opportunity to improve your team and the workplace.

Be Professional During the Exit Interview

When conducting exit interviews, be respectful and professional. This is a chance to learn how to improve management. Find out if the employee would be willing to work for the company again. If you treat employees with respect as they leave, they will be more likely to return in the future.

Take Steps to Improve Issues in the Workplace

Sit down with your management team and compare the results of your exit interviews. Now is a great time to start addressing any changes that need to be made. Use the information from your exit interviews wisely to retain other invaluable employees.

Use Temporary Help to Fill the Vacancy

Use a recruiter or a temporary staffing agency to fill the vacant position. The temporary help will boost employee morale and keep the workload manageable.

Improve Staff Communication

Communication is of the utmost importance – especially if a key player has left the team. Hold a department meeting or talk with other key players one-on-one. Share relevant information with your team, and make an effort to improve staff communication. Addressing the employee’s departure and communicating with your team can go a long way in improving morale and keeping other key players on board.

Create Succession Plans

Why is losing a star player such a catastrophic event? Because most of us don’t have a plan in place for the “worst case scenario”. Sit down and create succession plans for key employees. Have replacements in mind for each one. And if you see potential in some employees, start priming them now in case another one of your key players leaves in the future.

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