What to Look For in a Temp Agency

While many businesses are opting to utilize the wonderful staffing options available with a professional temp agency in Denver, CO versus direct hire, there are many that have questions in this regard. Of course,  just about any temp agency can provide a quick, warm body to fill a gap, but unfortunately that’s what you get with many agencies — someone that is just looking for a paycheck for that day.

So what can you do to take advantage of the benefits of working with a temp agency while ensuring that they will actually meet your needs? Keep reading to find the key things to look for, questions to ask, and even the signs that it’s time to find a new agency.

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Start With Talent Specifications

When searching for temp agencies for your company, the most obvious first order of business is to determine what type of talent you’re looking for. Some temp agencies in Denver specialize in a single profession, such as only providing administrative assistants, warehouse workers, or customer service representatives, or they only focus on a specific professional sector. An area agency like Employment Solutions that has skilled talent available in a range of professions can be invaluable.


More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use temporary and contract staffing for the peaks and valleys in their products and services demand cycle. With the holiday season approaching and that being a high-volume time of year for many businesses, utilizing a temp agency that has the right talent across the board just makes sense.


Ask the Temp Agency the Right Questions

Once you’ve made the decision that using temporary staffing makes sense for your business and you’ve determined that the temp agency staffs the type of talent that you’re looking for, you have to make sure they aren’t going to supply you with the dregs of the employment pool. In order to do this, you should ask a few questions, like:


  • Can they provide references, preferably from prior or current customers that are of similar size range and in a comparable market?
  • How many years of experience do your employees have?
  • What is your placement success rate and what is your past level of turnover?
  • Is your rate competitive with other staffing agencies in Denver?
  • Do you perform pre-employment drug screening?
  • Do you perform criminal and background checks on your employees?
  • Do you have degreed employees available?


Asking the right questions up front can save you some disappointment and frustration down the road.


Don’t Forget the Basics

How a temporary agency screens their employees can be extremely important, depending on the position you’re looking to fill. While some agencies utilize computer testing to evaluate their employment candidates, others may supplement this test with personal interviews or psychological evaluations to select employees for specific positions or jobs.


If your position requires a temp with a specific skill set, computer matches are generally pretty adequate, but a personal one-on-one interview and psych eval can help ensure that the employees are better equipped to meet your needs. It all boils down to what your specific needs are, and the requirements of the position.


Employment Solutions is the Answer

Whether you need administrative or customer service employees, skilled trades, technical professionals, or manufacturing and warehouse workers in Denver, CO, Employment Solutions has the ability to fill all of your staffing needs. We will work with you to ensure that every requirement is met and that you’re completely satisfied with your choice.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and if you’re outside the Denver area and need professional temporary staffing, visit our website for our other office locations and phone numbers.