New Recruiter Profile: Meet Emily C!

At Employment Solutions, our recruiters are dedicated to finding you a job that fits your career goals. While our recruiters focus on professionalism in everything they do, we are proud that they are approachable and friendly as well.

Meet our new Recruiter in Ft. Collins named Emily Carter-Hurt, who is not only friendly and approachable but also focused on your success at work! Read more about her below and schedule an interview with her today by contacting our Ft. Collins branch.

Where are you from?

I am a Colorado girl; born and raised right here! I am originally from Longmont, but I lived in Berthoud for most of my childhood.

What is your favorite place you’ve lived or traveled to?

I would choose Fort Collins as my favorite place that I’ve lived so far. I’m surrounded by craft beer and close to my favorite pizza place, Krazy Karls. What more could a girl want besides good beer and good pizza?

Favorite TV show?

My favorite TV show is definitely The Office! I laugh at new things in each episode every time I watch it, and I absolutely love Michael and Holly’s relationship. They’re goofy, weird, and so perfect all at the same time.

Favorite season of the year and why?

My favorite season of the year is Winter. Christmas is in the same week as my birthday, so I love to celebrate my birthday and the holiday all at once. I also love the general silence that falls over the world in the middle of the night when it snows.

Best tip for making a good impression during an interview?

Make sure that you take the time to define the skills that set you apart from other candidates.  I ask anyone I interview what sets them apart from other candidates, and answering that question is definitely something I see a lot of people struggle with.

Take some time to prepare before the interview and decide how you’ll describe who you are, as well as the most important skills you’ve acquired over the years. Make sure explain why you are the best fit for the job.



Best tip for writing a resume?

If you have a lot of job experience, you don’t necessarily need to put every single job on your resume. Choose the most important roles you’ve been in and try to keep your resume to two pages. Don’t be afraid to have multiple versions of your resume that you can submit depending on where you’re applying.

Best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

This is something that I’ve personally struggled with my whole life, but I’m getting better at realizing that everybody makes mistakes. As long as you learn from them and move forward it’s going to be okay!

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chunky Monkey by Ben & Jerry’s; for sure. Mix it with some coffee and I’m in heaven.

If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be and why?

I would be a Jellyfish. I actually can’t swim so I know it’s ironic to choose a jellyfish. However I love that they are beautiful and frail, yet powerful.

Three celebrities you most admire and why?

I admire both Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. They’ve handled fame and growing up in the spotlight so gracefully, and that is inspiring to me.

P.S. I’m not a huge fan of the way Game of Thrones ended but it is what it is!

I also admire Amy Poehler and her ability to make anybody laugh. I’m a huge fan of a show she was a in called Parks and Rec, and I love all the movies she’s in as well.

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